Pulsed magnetic therapy devices

Pulsed magnetic therapy, also known as Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, is a common therapy technique used in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres, health clubs, sports clubs and spa centres in Europe. It is frequently used in the management of pain, fusion of bones, arthritis, arthrosis, edema, joint problems and many different types of chronic and acute diseases.  It is performed by sending a low frequency pulsating electric current over a high-quality copper coil known as a solenoid thereby producing a low frequency pulsating magnetic field.

How It Works

According to Dr Peter Bednarcik (MD), an expert in the use of pulsed magnetic therapy, the action of a pulsating magnetic field together with specific biotrophical parameters produces a weak electric current in the tissues exposed by induction. The magnetic field acts upon the exposed tissues evenly, with the highest level found at the area between the applicator and the body. The further the exposed area is from the applicator the lower the intensity of the magnetic field. The magnetic field passes through garments, bandages and plaster casts.

Dr Bednarcik further elaborates: in colloidal tissues of our bodies (and other animals alike), cellular activity is triggered when the potential of the cell membrane is increased (this happens when PEMF is applied). However, in many different types of illnesses, the cell surface potential drops to a very low level (30 mV) as compared to the normal potential of the organism (90 mV). The curative pulsed magnetic field causes the intracellular potentials to be combined – the electric potential of the membrane of the stimulated cell is 120 mV and the tissue regeneration conditions and physiological functions are established. At this higher intracellular potential, oxygen, minerals and other nutrients get into the cells at a faster rate. Likewise, the metabolic wastes within the cells are discharged at a faster pace. The combined movements of these substances in and out of the cells create a conducive environment to repair or grow new cells. As a result, healing takes place more readily.

The effects of the biological changes in the tissues triggered by the application of the low-frequency pulsed magnetic field may be used to address various types of diseases.

Effects of Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

Pulsed magnetic therapy brings about 6 different types of effects to our bodies:

  1.  Metabolism stimulating effects
  2. Vasodilation effects (better blood circulation)
  3. Myo-relaxing effects (skeletal muscle relief)
  4. Healing and recovery, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effects
  5. Pain-easing effects (analgesic)
  6. Anti-edema effects (anti-swelling)