This book by Dr Peter Bednarcik explains thoroughly how to use pulsed magnetic therapy devices to prevent and heal medical conditions. Based on his many years of clinical experience, he provided examples and explanations on how and why they are useful.

Biomag devices can also be used to magnetised water. Magnetisation gives water unique and biologically significant properties. Water becomes softer (surface and internal tension are reduced) and its taste changes as well. Magnetisation of fluids is accelerated and effects extended if the liquid is brought to the boil and allowed to cool in the magnetic field. This procedure is most suitable when making tea, particularly herbal tea. Foods with high water content such as fruits and vegetables can also be magnetised. Magnetised fruits would taste sweeter. For medical purposes, magnetisation of water is performed by using the bio-north pole. Experiments have shown that consuming this magnetised water provides the body with greater resistance against infection, regulatory effects on the digestive track, anti-atherosclerotic effects and calming effects on the nervous system.