Pulsed magnetic therapy produces 6 effects on our body depending on the frequencies:

  1. Helps in soothing & eliminating pain
  2. Relieves muscle spasms  & reduces swellings
  3. Accelerates healing  & regeneration
  4. Has vasodilating effects, improves blood circulation
  5. Detoxifies body & accelerates metabolism
  6. Improves & supports the immune system

Low frequency – 1 to 10 Hz – analgesic and myo-relaxing effects

Medium frequency – 10 to 15 Hz – anti-inflammatory, suitable for chronic and degenerative diseases. It has vasodilating and anti-oedematous effects, and enhances blood and lymphatic circulation.

Higher frequency up to 25 Hz – Stimulating effects prevail which support bone healing, improve post-traumatic conditions and burns, stimulate healing process during acute disease and provide detoxification.

Frequencies above 25 Hz (up to 162 Hz) – used when we need to increase the intensity of the pulsed magnetic therapy effects, or for certain types of health problems such as burns, difficult fracture healing, and pseudoarthrosis. Intended for more intensive stimulation of the healing process, regeneration, and detoxification. Applications of higher frequencies should be consulted with a Biomag specialist or doctor providing consultancy for pulsed magnetic therapy.