Regeneration of nerves during an experimental trial of pulsed electromagnetic field (Diapulse) effects

Raji A. M. Journal of Hand Sur (2), June 1984, p. 105-112

This trial observed the effects of the Soviet Polyus-1 low-frequency magnetic therapy device; approx. 10 mT was used for approx. 10 minutes in patients with optic nerve atrophy = Magnetic therapy effects on nyctalopia (optic nerve atrophy). Patients underwent 10-15 sessions. The results showed that vision acuity in patients with low acuity values (below 0.04 dioptres) improved in 50 % of cases. It was also found that the treatment improves ocular blood flow in the case of optic nerve atrophy. Optimum results were achieved after 10 therapy sessions. L.V. Zobina, Efficacy of magnetic therapy in optic nerve atrophy. A Preliminary Study, Vestn Oftalmol, 106(5), September-October 1990, p. 54-57.