We provide a wide range of therapeutic pulsed magnetic therapy devices for clinical and home use. Each device comes with a wide range of applicators for individualised effective use. We will be able to advise clients on the type of applicators (and frequency of use and program) after understanding the conditions of individuals.

For the general public, we provide easy-to-use, practical and economical sets for both clinics and the homes. Additional applicators can be added when the needs for such applicators arise in the future.


This is the MD’s set, best for the clinics and rehabilitation centres. It comes with 4 applicators and 108 programs to offer treatments to various types of illnesses such as musculoskeletal pain, joint arthrosis, arthrosis of the spine, sciatica, compression of nerves, rhematism, prostate inflammation, diabetic ulcers, brain dysfunction, Alzheimer’s disease & dementia, asthma, gout, psoriasis, haemorrhoids, Lyme disease, osteoporosis, migraine etc. Additional applicators maybe purchased based on individual centre’s needs. Each set is capable of administering 2 different applications for 2 separate patients simultaneously.



This is Home Set 1 with 3 applicators (all local applicators) and 32 programs for the self treatment of 32 types of health challenges including Pain, Regeneration, Sciatica, Rheumatism, Fractures, Extreme Ischemia, Diabetic Foot, Muscle Fatigue and Relaxation. If needed, more programs can be added; additional applicators may also be added based on individual household’s needs.



This is Home Set 2 with 3 applicators (2 local and 1 full body) and 32 programs for the self treatment of 32 different types of health challenges. The full body size mat applicator provides full body treatment of pulsed magnetic therapy. It is best use for therapeutic relaxation or when patients are bed-bound. As in Home Set 1, additional programs and applicators may be added based on individual household’s needs subsequently at a cost.

The Biomag Lumio series of pulsed magnetic therapy devices come with simpler applications. The main Lumio console can dissipate 4 different programs: Pain, Medical Program, Regeneration and Magnetisation of Water. Two local application which are uni-dimensional can be connected to this console simultaneously.