LPMF effect on chronic inflammatory affection of prostatitis

Navrátil P., Novák I., Šístek R., Urology Clinic, FN Hradec Kralove

Chronic inflammatory affection of the prostate-vesicle-urethral complex is one of the most extensively studied urological problems. About 10-15 % of young and middle-aged men suffer from this disease. 21 patients suffering from chronic inflammatory affection of prostatitis ranging from 42 to 86 years in age took part in the trial. The treatment schedule was based on experience with other chronic inflammatory diseases (stepwise reduction in application frequency). Each exposure to the magnetic field lasted 30 minutes, frequency 24 Hz. The following criteria were applied in the evaluation: Subjective effects were evaluated using the AUA (American Urological Association) questionnaire. Laboratory results were compared: blood count, plasmatic concentration of minerals (), creatinine, urea, PSA enzymatic activities of phosphatases, microbial cultivation of sperma or prostatic secretion. In addition, instrumental examinations – uroflowmetry and ultrasound examination of the prostate – were compared. All the examinations were performed before the treatment, after 10 exposures, and 3-4 months after the end of magnetic therapy. The following software was used for the statistical evaluation: StatSoft, Tulsa, OK, Friedman ANOVA. Of 6 patients with pathological curves after the uroflowmetry examination, 5 showed improvements. Of 13 patients with positive bacterial cultivation treated in combination with antibiotics, in 8 cases bacteria disappeared (The potentiating effect of magnetic fields with antibiotics is well known from literature). Magnetic therapy should be one of the procedures used in this disease mainly for its pain-killing effect and its apparently positive influence on the course of chronic inflammation, which has already been proved in other (mainly rheumatic) inflammatory diseases.

Conclusion: Magnetic therapy was highly effective in patients suffering from chronic prostatitis Prostatitis and magnetic therapy. Significant positive effects were reported even in sexual dysfunctions.